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The VILLAGE OF ELIDA has a contract with USA Meters to install NEW WATER METERS in each residential home.  This will be done at NO Cost to the homeowner.  If your meter is located outside, there will be no need to set-up an appointment only inside meters will it be necessary to enter the home.  These new electronic meters will allow your meter to be read without entering your home and will not have to disturb the homeowner in anyway, except when there may be a problem with your service.  USA Meters will be replacing the existing meters only, where the meters are located are where the meters will be replaced.  It will take an average of ½ hour to replace your meter, during this time your water will be shut off.  Once more, this is at no cost to you.  This is for your convenience as to improve the quality of service to you our most valued citizens. PLEASE CALL 1-888-836-9105 7:30-4:30 TO SCHEDULE YOUR NECESSARY APPOINTMENT.

We are sorry for the slight inconvenience this may cause you.

Thank you for your cooperation and time.